Our Team

Our mission is to empower and encourage women to be the best version of themselves both on and off the rugby field. Our history


britny "posh" neubaum

E-Board Postition: Match Secretary

Position: 8 man / Prop

Years Played: 2

Profession: Quality Control Chemist at Perrigo

- "I'm a Slytherin in the streets, but a Gryffindor in the sheets"


Sarah "smalls" anderson

Position: Wing

Years Played: 6

Profession: World Traveler

- Favorite part of rugby is "hitting people"



stephanie "dubs" mellinger

E-Board Position: Director of Operations

Position: Backline

Years Played: 4

Profession: Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual

- "I've SCUBA dived in 5 different countries"


sarah "pig pen" Ellison

Position: Wing

Years Played: 10

Profession: Dealer

- "I love my son"



marisa "marbles" snieder

Position: Lock / Wing

Years Played: 5

Profession: Dental Assistant/ Student at GRCC

- "I've won 3 kid triathlons"




kim trgina 

Position: Flanker/Hooker

Years Played: 4

Profession: Physical Elementary Teacher at Lakewood PS

- "I love the family atmosphere within out team and the camaraderie amongst opposing teams"


Ashley "a1" ziebell

Position: Lock

Years Played: 1

Profession: Civil Engineering Designer at Sigma Technologies

- "I can make crab rangoons with my eyes closed"


tess armstrong

Position: Center/ Lock

Years Played: 14

Profession: Assistant Professor in Physical Education Teacher Education at GVSU

"One summer I ate 8 worms"


emma "pearl" rutkowski

Position: Wing

Years Played: 3

Profession: Student at Ferris State University

- I love the sense of family and thrill from the game. It is empowering."


brooke "babbs" fryman

Position: Flanker

Years Played: 4

Profession: Student at GRCC

- "I am also a certified head coach for Special Olympics soccer as well as track and field"


kim "mcfly" martin

Position: Outside Center

Years Played: 5

Profession: Military - U.S. Coast Guard

- "Rugby will change your life. It will give you a family wherever you may go...[rugby] will make you fall in love all over again."


sarah keaton

E-Board Position: Director of Rugby

Position: Hooker

Years Played: 1

Profession: Doctoral Candidate at Michigan State University

- I love rugby because of "my rugby family and [the] solid workout"


maggie "blondie" 

Position: Flanker

Years Played: 6

Profession: Teacher

- I love rugby & want to share it with the world!


lindsey "scavenger" orkisz

E-Board Position: President

Position: 8 man / Flanker

Years Played: 9

Profession: Project Engineer

- "I collect 4 leaf clovers" (she even finds them while playing)


kristen "nelly" nelson

Position: Fullback

Years Played: 3

Profession: Sales Representative for Sherwin-Williams Paints

- "I coach High School Softball in the Spring, and I have for the past 5 years."


cassie "casshole" clark

E-Board Position: Director of Marketing & Social Media

Position: Prop

Years Played: 9

Profession: Regional Advertising Sales Director at Power Play Marketing

- "I hate Ranch Dressing"


Sierra Poster

E-Board Position: Social Chair

Position: Prop / Center

Years Played: 4

Profession: Dental Assistant

- "I put ranch on almost everything"


erin shoemaker

Position: Wing

Years Played: 1

Profession: Bookkeeper at Hall Enterprise

- "I love the team atmosphere. I felt like part of the team the first day."


hannah "dirty bird" king

Position: Scrum Half/ Prop

Years Played: 5

Profession: Recent Graduate

- "I am exactly 5 foot"



kaitlyn "queso" Debusk

Position: Backline

Years Played: 4

Profession: Security at Eaton and Customer Service at Field and Stream

- "I flew a plane before I drove a car"


abbey "the hurricanE" luebke

Position: Wing

Years Played: 4

Profession: Personal Trainer, Owner of Hurricane Fitness LLC

- "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't get the gains"


amber "skirt" cain

E-Board Position: Recruitment Chair

Position: Flyhalf

Years Played: 6

Profession: Bio Analytical Research Specialist at MPI Research

- "I have an [adorable!] hedgehog"