New Players

You need to CIPP at least 24 hours before the first game you want to participate in.

  1. Go to this website: 
  2. Click membership tab
  3. Register
  4. Follow the steps
  5. Make sure you select the women's team and not the men's

College Players

Transferring In: You must transfer your CIPP over. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to this website: 
  2. Log into your member account
  3. On the left hand side, there should be an option "change club affiliation," and you can go ahead to request that for the club you are looking to join. You may have to look for drop-down options if you do not see it.
  4. Please note that there may be additional transfer fees required by the union, which you will be asked to pay.
  5.  It may take up to a day or so to be approved for the transfer, but if you have any specific questions regarding transfers, or the transfer process, please refer them to Justin at
  6.  You must be listed on this site under State-Michigan Club-Grand Rapids Gazelles WRFC to be eligible to play in qualifier 7s games:

For Additional Help Contact Sarah Keaton: ATTN: Sarah